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Unfortunately, it does not.  Due to laws around alcohol and beer sales, we are not able to sell beer to the public.  We have partnered with local bottle shops that can fill your calendar or help you pick out what to place inside.

We offer two products, a complete calendar kit and a top only.  The complete kit is $33.99 and the replacement top is only $16.99.   The replacement top is used for those who saved the bottom and partitions from a previous year.  

We sure do.  Just check out like normal.

Advent calendars celebrate the 24 days leading up to Christmas. Starting on Dec 1st, open the corresponding day’s window on the calendar. Using your finger, push in the finger punch then pull back the window. Reach in and pull out your surprise. Remember to thank the person who gave you this wonderful surprise and post a photo of what you received with @craftadventbox.

Step 1: Get excited! Lay awake at night thinking about what beer awaits you.

Step 2: In the morning, run to the Craft Advent Box and open up that day’s window.

Step 3: Ooh and Ah over the beer. Think about how it might taste. Read the label to see who made it and the % ABV.

Step 4: Place into the refrigerator (upright) and go off to work or go about your day.

Step 5: Try not to come home at lunch to enjoy your surprise.

Step 6: In the evening, take the beer out of the refrigerator and pour into a glass. Smell the aroma, marvel over the color, and take that first sip.

Step 7: Relax while enjoying your beer. There is enough going on during the holiday season, so take some time for yourself.

Step 8: Post your beer on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or wherever, to let everyone know what you got. Don’t forget to include us in your post. @craftadventbox

Step 9: See Step 1

We have faith that you will be able to catch up. Especially around the weekends.

The world of beer is vast, and there are several different types of beer to choose. Look up bottle shops and stores that sell craft beer. Call and ask if they sell singles or allow you to break 4 & 6 packs up. Many places now will allow you to purchase just a single beer. Another great idea is to go in with some friends. This way you purchase a 4 or 6 pack of beer and split it between all the Advent calendars.

You bet it will. Since cans are half the size of bottles, you will need to do an additional step. We have found that a square paper coaster is the best way to elevate a single 12oz can. You can get these at local brewery or restaurants. Slide them in diagonally and place the can on top.

An outside the box thinking customer wrote in to say that an old pool noodle cut up works even better.  Cheers to that great idea!!!

Our artist for all designs is the talented Taylor Freshley.   He has been drawing and designing from the time he could hold a crayon and is truly just flat out talented.  Check out his website here.